No war: Kim Jong Un and Trump just ‘love control’, says Dennis Rodman
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No war: Kim Jong Un and Trump just ‘love control’, says Dennis Rodman

FORMER basketball star and unlikely diplomat Dennis Rodman has said North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump are “pretty much the same people” because they both “love control”.

Speaking to the AFP in Beijing, China on Tuesday, Chicago Bulls veteran Rodman said that the war of words between the two leaders had been harmless “entertainment” and that there was no genuine risk of nuclear war breaking out.

“Ain’t nobody got no finger on the button,” he said. “They [just] love control.”

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Considered a close friend of Kim’s and also somebody who has been fired by Trump on the reality television program Celebrity Apprentice, Rodman told the AFP that he had hoped to arrange a trip to Pyongyang while in China after visits to Tokyo and Guam.


Rodman says the war of words between Trump and Kim has been harmless ‘entertainment’. Source: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque, KCNA

Rodman was working with the Trump administration on obtaining a “special pass” to enter North Korea, he said, but that “we thought we would give it a shot while we’re here.”

Back in September, the US government started imposing a travel ban on American citizens travelling to the hermit state.

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The decision was motivated by the detention of some 15 US citizens over the past decade, including Otto Warmbier who was returned from North Korea in a coma in July and subsequently died.

Rodman said that he believed he could “alleviate some pressures as far as communication” were concerned. Trump and Kim have been engaged in an exchange of angry comments and threats in recent months, with the president recently tweeting that the North Korean leader was “short and fat”.

“This whole thing with me, (Kim) and Donald Trump – it’s a whole different dynamic right now,” said Rodman.