Chinese zoo criticised for allegedly feeding dogs to tigers
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Chinese zoo criticised for allegedly feeding dogs to tigers

A BEIJING zoo has denied allegations that it has been feeding stray dogs to tigers, claiming rather that it has housed wolves and dogs in a cage together.

The English-language state outlet Global Times reported on Tuesday that Badaling Wildlife Park in the nation’s capital was accused in a social media post to have been feeding street dogs to tigers and wolves, urging action by the government.

According to the Times, a manager at the zoo recently confirmed it was keeping wolves and dogs together in an enclosure but that “the homeless animals always contain several germs and so we won’t feed them to tigers.”

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The South China Morning Post reported that park officials said that tourism and wildlife authorities had investigated the allegations, proving them to be false.

But it is not the first time the zoo has had tiger-related controversy. In 2016, a woman was eaten alive and her daughter was injured by a tiger after they got out of their car in the tiger’s enclosure.

Earlier this year, a viral video showed a live donkey being fed to tigers at the Yancheng Safari Park in Jiangsu Province, causing widespread outrage.

A “donkey monument” was later erected in its honour.