Australian Universities producing job-ready graduates
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Australian Universities producing job-ready graduates

“Within 10 years, 40% of the tasks people perform will have changed.” – Professor Phyllis Tharenou

The current climate is one of huge change, and it has been largely agreed that “the nature of work is going to change – the jobs of tomorrow won’t be the same as jobs of today,” as Charlotte Seager writes for The Guardian.

This can make settling on a career path even more difficult. There is now an added pressure that your chosen profession will become irrelevant, or a field in which artificial intelligence (AI) can perform more efficiently and effectively than a human workforce.

The business sector is at the heart of this change, with political initiatives and environmental factors constantly affecting businesses, their growth and the market as a whole. While headlines often paint the picture of a gloomy corporate sector, it can be argued that in this current climate of change, we need more educated business minds to help solve global issues in business and beyond.


The transferable skills a business degree instils adds to its appeal in a world where having a versatile and dynamic approach are ever more important. On top of making you a highly sought-after graduate, “corporate business careers are available in pretty much every sector you can think of; all industries need strong leaders, managers, financial advisors and market-savvy decision-makers.” On top of vast opportunities in virtually every sector, business graduates have the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue their own business ventures should they choose to. In short, a business degree opens up a world of options.

In a time where common practice is rapidly evolving, it’s particularly important to think of business on a global scale, and what better place to gain that international perspective than Australia?

It’s not only the sun, sea and surf that makes Australia a popular choice for business students; according to Top Universities “Australia is home to 19 of the world’s top universities for business management, including four in the top 50.”

Ranked among the Top 10 Study Abroad destinations for 2017, Australia has a lot to offer anyone looking for adventure, as well as some of the best universities in the world. This winning combination has seen the region provide the rest of the world with top business graduates, ready to collaborate with others, develop enterprising solutions, and make a real difference in the world.

Here are four Australian business schools that are shaping career-ready graduates…



For over 50 years Flinders University has been a centre of inspiring achievement. Inspiration leads to innovation and Flinders Business has transformed its business and commerce degrees around the concept of personal enterprise to ensure students have a strong business knowledge and problem-solving skills when they graduate.

There are a few key things Flinders Business provides that really set business students up for success:

Guaranteed industry placements provide students with the chance to gain relevant work-based experience while putting theory into practice. Students also gain an insight into the nature and complexities that come with working in a range of different sectors, and will start to build a professional network in Australia and beyond.

Students are made career-ready through a number of initiatives. For example, Industry Projects allow students to expand their skills in leadership and communication, while also being able to participate in research-based learning, which improves knowledge of their chosen sector and prepares them for new ways of working in the future.

Flinders University’s New Venture Institute fosters students’ innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. Here, students have the chance to get involved with practical programs, such as Venture Dorm, which gives students the chance to build a new start-up from scratch in less than 12 weeks. These opportunities give Flinders students the practical skills, as well as the confidence needed, to start a successful business career.

Zak Robson, Accountants Daily Accounting Student of the Year (2016) highlights that: “Flinders Business gives you lots of opportunities and it’s really important to take every one. I learned that it is really important to get involved and not to be afraid of failing.” Read their full profile here.



QUT Business School prides itself on being internationally-connected. It combines academics from around the globe to educate the next generation of business professionals. The global opportunities on offer include student exchanges with university partners, specific international business degrees and international double degrees, collaborative research opportunities with QUT’s global partner institutions and businesses, as well as support for international students.

The school is part of a group of only one percent of business schools worldwide to receive accreditation from all three of the world’s leading accreditation bodies, meaning a degree from QUT is recognised around the globe. The school also offers real-world learning, including practical skills and work experience, networking opportunities, career guidance and specialised student support.

Finally, QUT’s strong connections with the local, national and international business communities allow for mutually-beneficial student placements, research partnerships and lifelong learning options, which has led to a large number of graduates becoming highly-successful.



Curtin Business School (CBS) is one of Australia’s top ten business schools, offering degrees accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International, and recognised worldwide. With its strong mission and values, CBS is the place for those excited by the prospect of innovation, leadership and excellence.

The CBS Advisory Network is made up of more than 70 world-leading members of industry, offering a wealth of insight and expertise to students at the school, as well as ensuring the programs offered benefit students and industry alike. CBS Industry Connect, which offers internships, networking opportunities, vacation and graduate programs, as well as professional training from industry experts, gives students the chance to connect with successful business and community leaders, giving them a competitive edge when moving into the working world.



The College of Business, Law and Governance at James Cook University, was formed in 2014 to provide new, collaborative opportunities for both education and research, with courses that equip future leaders with life-long expertise.

The College offers a Work-Integrated Learning program, where students have the opportunity to experience business fundamentals in action while working with employers and gaining valuable experience. This allows for a smooth transition into the workplace once students complete their studies.

Here, aspiring business mguls have the chance to get involved with important research, and the CBLG is aligned with the AusAsia Business Research Group (ABRG), which promotes high-quality research in the area of Australian-Asian business relationships.

Through partnerships with local initiatives and organisations, a wide range of student resources and support, and world-class academics bringing an international perspective to teaching at CBLG, students gain an understanding of global industry needs, which further prepares them to thrive within the workplace.

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