Pink Dot celebrates LGBT equality in Hong Kong
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Pink Dot celebrates LGBT equality in Hong Kong

“LOVE WINS” was the message of thousands in Hong Kong on Sunday as the city celebrated its fourth ever Pink Dot event.

The annual celebration of the Hong Kong LGBTI community was held at West Kowloon Nursery Park and was themed “Love is Natural”. The gathering was first held in 2014, inspired by Singapore’s Pink Dot event.

The 2017 Hong Kong event attracted scores of high-profile sponsors, including the US and Canadian Consulate Generals, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and AXA banks, as well as Bloomberg, Telstra and Linklaters.

A performance by openly gay pop star, founder of the LGBT organisation Big Love Alliance and pro-democracy campaigner Denise Ho was the headlining act of the gathering.

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“I wanted to come out today and share my story and hopefully Hong Kong can become a more LGBTI friendly city,” newly-married gay man William Tang told Gay Star News.

“Many people [come] every year, and many of them are not LGBT. They may the parents or the friends of LGBT,” said Ling Kong, a volunteer of Pink Dot as quoted by Shenyue. “I am not a LGBT, but I support them.”

Much of Asia continues to have conservative attitudes to the LGBTI community and restricts their rights. To date, only Taiwan has legalised same-sex marriage.