Malaysia: Unarmed robber in shorts, flip flops walks out of bank with $140,000
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Malaysia: Unarmed robber in shorts, flip flops walks out of bank with $140,000

A CASUALLY dressed conman who posed as a maintenance worker tricked his way into a bank’s vault in an affluent suburb in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently, walking out calmly with RM600,000 (US$143,000) right under the noses of unsuspecting staff.

At around noon on Sept 8, the con artist who was wearing a T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops and a backpack turned up at the bank in Damansara Heights took only 20 minutes before walking out with the money, local daily The Sun reported.

The report said the thief posed as a fire extinguisher maintenance man who was “armed” with only a piece of paper apparently showing the bank’s floor plan.

Sources told the daily the bank’s staff only realised the money was gone about two hours later.

According to the report, the thief carried out the robbery with calmness and composure as he identified himself to the bank’s staff as a technician of a fire extinguisher company.

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The con man, who requested access to restricted areas of the bank, was asked to provide identification. The bank’s manager then denied the robber entry for failing to provide proper ID before out for lunch shortly after.

Despite that, the conman remained in the bank and somehow managed to sneak through a door behind the bank’s counters, close-circuit camera television footage showed. He then proceeded to “check” the extinguishers as the unsuspecting staff attended to other customers. He then edged closer to the safe room which contained the cash.

The report quoted sources as saying that only two people are authorised to access the saferoom: the bank’s manager and the head cashier who have personal access codes.

After the cashier entered the room, the con man placed a magnet to prevent the door auto-lock latch of the door from being automatically shut.

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A few minutes after the cashier walked out, the robber made his way into the safe room and filled his bag with wads of cash.

He then left the bank calmly, but not before stopping to have a chat with the bank’s security guard. The robber apparently told the guard that staff from his company failed to show up and that he would return later after he fetched them.

Shortly after the incident, police arrested the manager and cashier but released them after they were cleared of any involvement in the case.

According to The Star, police official Asst Comm Ruslan Khalid said the CCTV footage of the incident is being reviewed and persons of interest in the case were having their statements taken down.

“We are still looking for the suspect. We hope members of the public can also assist in our hunt for the suspect,” he said.

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