Monash Malaysia School of Business – Where big dreams get a head start
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Monash Malaysia School of Business – Where big dreams get a head start

Monash University Malaysia’s School of Business (Monash Business) is keen to get things rolling early on. Every business student dreams of becoming the next Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group; or even Tony Fernandes, Founder of AirAsia, the region’s most successful budget airline.

A strong foundation in an academic business program is essential, no doubt about that. The School meets both Malaysian and international accreditation, including the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), and also displays a strong commitment to the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

And just as paramount as this is the School’s close engagement with the diverse business world, a win-win partnership with the industry so Monash Business students can tap into the real-world experience of business luminaries.

But Monash Business isn’t resting on its laurels. While the combination of academics and industry partnership is a potent one, the School knows that to nurture the next Ma or Fernandes it must go the extra mile. For graduates to go on doing amazing things in truly amazing places, they really should start young, and Monash Business makes sure it is there to support their budding talents right from the get-go.

Big dreams in the Big Apple


Samuel Goh, Monash Malaysia participant of the Global Discovery Program New York City 2017, filmmaker and photographer

Earlier this year, Monash University launched the Global Discovery Program New York City 2017. Successful scholars get to embark on an eight-day immersive, international internship for students to make connections with and gain exclusive access to influential global Monash alumni and their networks.

Samuel Goh was the winner from Malaysia’s Monash Business. The aspiring Filmmaker and Photographer, who is also a final year Marketing and International Business student, got to meet and mingle with more than 23 different organisations in the international finance, media and cultural capital. This includes dignitaries like Truett Tate – CEO for America at ANZ Bank at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited – as well as media moguls Matt Seiler and Sue Fennessy.

From meeting start-up founders to schmoozing CEOs, it was not only an “intense week of non-stop hustling” for Goh, but also one that was “extremely rewarding”, thanks to Monash Business’ encouragement for its students to take part in extracurricular programs such as this.

As Goh says: “You may visit New York again, but you won’t get to see the places you’ll get to during this program.”

Exposure to international standards

In today’s era of globalisation, business is no longer confined by borders. Monash Business acknowledges this fact, hence its insistence for students to get as globally-focused as possible. One of the best ways to gain an international perspective, as well as real-world experience, is through internship placements with multinationals.


Wilbur Chin Jun Li, Monash student and intern for world-renowned Fortune 500 company, Accenture

For Wilbur Chin Jun Li, a Bachelor of Business and Commerce student, an internship with Fortune 500 company Accenture helped him not only gain confidence with his School assignments, but also set him on the path to his dream career in Management Consulting.

“Through working with a well-known MNC, I was able to get exposure to international standards and a world-class corporate culture,” says Jin Li, who is currently working with TalentCorp Malaysia.

Other multinational corporations Monash Business students have had the chance to work with include Citibank, BNP Paribas Malaysia and Unilever.

Students are also urged to join world-class business competitions like Unilever’s Future Leaders’ League; a dynamic global business case competition which culminates with the winning team representing Malaysia in the global round.

Now everybody can run an airline

If any students have dreams to be the next Richard Branson, Monash Business is the place to go. Three Bachelor of Commerce students – Khor Kaai Yi, Stephen Tan Wen Jin and Ng Ching Khai – emerged champions at the CPA Australia x KPMG: Student to Strategist Challenge in July this year.


Bachelor of Commerce students Khor Kaai Yi, Stephen Tan Wen Jin and Ng Ching Khai, winners of the CPA Australia x KPMG: Student to Strategist Challenge

Judges were impressed with how the team took on the business case challenge as Management Consultants for Emirates airline via their low-cost carrier plan for the global airline.

And the students have their lecturers to thank for this success. By teaching them how to think, instead of what to think, the team was brave enough to take an ‘unorthodox’ approach and put themselves under a tight deadline. The aim was to accustom themselves with the time constraint, a crucial element to win any case study competition. And as history would have it, it paid off!

Graduates serving for the public good

One common misconception about business-centered schools is that they only churn out business-focused graduates. This is far from the truth when it comes to Monash Business.


Former Business School student, Tricia Yeoh, COO at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs

One prominent member of Monash University Malaysia’s Industry Advisory Board is Tricia Yeoh, a notable figure in Malaysia’s political and activist scene. Yeoh, who is now Chief Operating Officer of IDEAS (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs), qualified in Econometrics/Business Economics & Marketing from Monash Business before embarking on her illustrious career, now writing and advising on national socio-economic policy through national and international platforms.

Yeoh attributes her thriving career in public policy to Monash Business’ “solid academic foundation” and culture that inspires independent study and healthy, open discussion.

But Yeoh isn’t the sole female success to come from Monash Business. Female students have consistently won the Best Graduate award throughout the years, an achievement the School assigns to the high standards and motivating culture of Monash Business.

To continue this trajectory is the THRIVE Program, where 30 young women will be mentored by 15 instructors from a range of different industries. The Monash Business Alumni Chapter (MMBAC) initiative uses workshops to instil soft and hard skills so that young working women can make purposeful life choices and reach their full potential.

With such comprehensive programs, the Monash Business student’s experience is unrivalled.

“I can assure you that our leading academics and ‘explorers’, who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge, will provide you with the best training and state-of-the-art knowledge to allow you to contribute to the sustainable development of organizations and the wider business community in an increasingly complex and knowledge-driven world,” says Professor John Benson, Head of Monash Business.

As these students and graduates show, it is proven.

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