Major terrorist attack in Australia ‘inevitable’, says top cop
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Major terrorist attack in Australia ‘inevitable’, says top cop

A SENIOR counter-terrorism official in the Australian state of New South Wales has said that a major terrorist attack in the country is “inevitable.”

The assistant commissioner for counter terrorism from NSW Police Mark Murdoch, who is soon to retire, told The Daily Telegraph that “I don’t like to say it but it will happen. It’s inevitable.”

He emphasised that the risk comes from lone wolves or people not yet known to the authorities.

“Despite everything that is being done and the good work that law enforcement and intelligence is doing, without wanting to create unnecessary fear within the community, it’s going to happen.”

Murdoch added that it was impossible to shut down Islamic State and other extremist channels via Facebook and Google.

The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian quickly responded seeking to allay community concerns about terrorism, stating that “we are in constant contact with police and all our security agencies.”

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“We know what the threat levels are on a daily basis that’s why as a government we are vigilant every day to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep the community as safe as possible,” she said as quoted by AAP.

Australia’s national terrorism threat is currently moderate, set by security agencies at the level of “probable” below a possible “expected” or “certain” rating.

In July, Australian counter-terrorism authorities foiled an IS-inspired plot to plant bombs with poisonous gas on a flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

Last month, an IS fighter in Syria believed to be Melbourne man Mounir Raad called for fellow Australian Muslims to join militants in the Philippines or to launch attacks on their home soil if unable to leave the country.

“If you are a tradesman, use your nailgun. If you’re a truck driver, ram their crowds until their streets run with their filthy blood,” he said.