India: Rains lower Eid sale price of $150,000 ‘Allah’ goat
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India: Rains lower Eid sale price of $150,000 ‘Allah’ goat

OWNERS have placed a discount on a spotted goat originally valued at US$150,000 for its unusual markings, after torrential rains hit the Indian city of Mumbai this week.

Spots on the 15-month-old goat’s coat are thought to resemble the Arabic script for “Allah”, the word Muslims use for god. Ahead of Eid al-Adha, the goat was priced at more than INR10 million (US$156,396).


The goat’s markings resemble the Arabic script for Allah. Source: Wikipedia Commons

“This is sent to us by god,” said the animal’s owner Kapil Sohail as quoted by The Indian Express.

During the Eid al-Adha, Muslims sacrifice animals like goats and cows which are then divided into three parts and distributed among the poor, relatives and one’s own family.

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Monsoon rains in Mumbai had reportedly led the owners to reduce the asking price for the goat down to INR5,100,786 (about US$80,000).

“I got wet, but my goat was safe,” said Sohail’s father. “[But] Eid is drawing close. We can’t take [the] risk.

“Every customer is asking for a lower price because goats got wet.”

The two men reportedly bring 40 goats to the city each Eid and have sold the animals for seven years.

Anti-Muslim violence has begun to spread in Hindu-majority India, largely because of the slaughter of cows which are holy in the Hindu religion.

Many states in India started actively enforcing bans on cow slaughter after the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party formed India’s federal government in 2014.

In Gujarat – Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state – the punishment for cow slaughter is a life term after recent changes to the Animal Preservation Act.

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