Philippines: Marxist party claims CIA plotting to overthrow Duterte
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Philippines: Marxist party claims CIA plotting to overthrow Duterte

THE Philippines’ National Democratic Front (NDF) earlier this week exposed an alleged plot by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and local armed forces to overthrow President Rodrigo Duterte and kill communist leader Jose Maria Sison, local media reported.

According to the Inquirer, an unnamed NDF official on Tuesday cited sources as saying Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) officers, who were “assets” of the CIA and close to AFP chief Gen. Eduardo Año, are engaged in the so-called two-stage plot to assassinate Sison and subsequently overthrow Duterte.

While it had yet to be verified, the NDF said it went ahead to expose the plot to thwart any attempts.

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The communist coalition claims the first stage of the plot involved sending a team of hitmen to assassinate Sison in the Netherlands where he is living in exile. The killing would be carried out under the approval of Duterte or Año, amid a proclamation of nationwide martial law, the NDF claimed.

The NDF also claims dropouts from the communist New People’s Army would be turned into scapegoats while the killing was carried out by AFP elite forces or another brigade.

After Sison is killed, the second stage in plotting to oust Duterte would take place due to his alleged collaboration with the communists.

This, the NDF explained, was ostensibly due to Duterte’s “betrayal” of the alliance with the US in favour of Russia and China and apparent favouritism for certain military and police officers. The alleged plot was also a retribution against Duterte for failing to resolve the illegal drug problem in the country amid massive accusations of human rights abuses.

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The AFP, however, has refuted the NDF’s claims, dismissing it as propaganda.

“Not true at all! This is once again a propaganda line of the left to gain sympathy and toe the anti-US line they usually take,” AFP spokesman Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla said in a statement, as quoted by the Inquirer.

“Again this is such a preposterous statement!”

Since 1971, communist organisations in the country have been in armed conflict with the government troops in an insurgency that has claimed more than 43,000 people.