Singapore: ‘Lord Voldermort’ threatens apartment block residents
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Singapore: ‘Lord Voldermort’ threatens apartment block residents

RESIDENTS of an apartment block in Singapore are receiving intimidating letters from a “Lord Voldermort”, threatening them with harassment if they do not comply with his demands.

According to Channel News Asia, the letter requested that the residents of the public housing block help him retrieve money owed to him from one of their neighbours or “face disturbing events”.

Channel News Asia obtained a photo of one of the letters.

“My name is Lord Voldermort. I am writing this mail to you because you and your family is about to face disturbing events soon,” the letter stated.


Letter received by residents of a Singapore apartment block from “Lord Voldermort” threatening harassment. Source: Channel News Asia

The sender then provides specific details and the address of the person who needs to pay up and goes on to threaten individual apartments if they did not help in his pursuit, saying:

“I’m sure you do not want your gate on fire or red paint all over your unit and I am sure you want your family to be safe and live peacefully.”

The sender also provides a deadline of Tuesday and an email address.

The police said on Thursday that they had received at least 15 reports of these letters at multiple locations, prompting them to release a police advisory notice urging recipients not to respond or to follow the instructions.

Instead, the statement said, people should hand over the letter to police and lodge a report.

Police also assured residents that they had stepped up patrols in their area and urged them to report any suspicious people loitering near the apartment block.

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