Thailand: Temple-bred bear mauls ‘drunken’ man
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Thailand: Temple-bred bear mauls ‘drunken’ man

AFTER being teased with flowers and approached to be petted, a large Asian black bear kept in a rural province in Thailand mauled a “drunken” man, dragging him into her cage in an attack that left him in critical condition.

According to Coconuts Bangkok (via Thairath), the incident took place at the bear’s enclosure at Luang Pu Lamai Temple in Petchabun Province on Wednesday, making international headlines after the video of the attack went viral.

In the horrific video, Fon Promlat, 38, was seen lying helplessly in the bear’s enclosed area as bystanders the bear with a stick and yelling its name, “Kaew”, in a bid to save the man from the bear’s onslaught.

A bystander was heard telling the drunken man to run and flee from the animal, but the huge seven-year-old bear dragged the motionless Fon further inside its enclosure and into its cage.

Fon’s uncle, Rod, was quoted as saying the man had visited the temple to adopt a bear and was seen walking “drunkenly” above the bear’s sunken enclosure and presenting it with flowers so that he could pet her.

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When the bear came close, Fon was taken by the wrist and dragged into the enclosure, Rod said.

Temple monk Phra Tanet Tikayano said this was the first time the bear had set upon a human. He said the bear was raised at the temple since it was young.

After being rescued by locals, Fon was sent to a nearby hospital where he was reported to be in critical condition.


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