Australian town asked to sever ties with Japanese whalers
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Australian town asked to sever ties with Japanese whalers

THE CALL for Broome in Western Australia to sever ties with Taiji, Japan, has resurfaced again as the Japanese whaling town announced last week it is creating a sister city relationship with a town in the Faroe Islands known for their bloody pilot whale slaughter.

Taiji and Klaksvik on the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic are the only communities in the world that practise controversial drive hunting of cetaceans, both drawing ire and obstruction from conservation society, Sea Shepherd.


Sea turns red during the Taiji dolphin hunt. Source: Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Australia managing director Jeff Hansen said most Australians opposed all whaling activities and the killing of dolphins, and it was such a shame to see Broome cement its ties with Taiji,  known for its tradition of bloody dolphin cruelty.

If Taiji sisters with the Faeroes pilot whale slaughter, then, by default, Broome will also have a relationship with the only two communities in the world that drive cetaceans to the coast and slaughter them by the thousands in a sea of red, Hansen said.

Sea Shepherd is calling on Broome to cease the relationship once and for all. Broome is one of Australia’s prime tourist destinations and the sea conservation group warns its ties with dolphin cruelty will taint its reputation.

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“Broome has the power to make a stand here that will help end this horrific killing. The Shire of Broome must cut off its ties with Taiji, at least until this slaughter ends, ” the group said.


Whale show entertains Australian delegates in Taiji. Source: Australia for Dolphins

Sea Shepherd founder Capt Paul Watson said: “Klaksvik, Faeroe Islands, is recovering from a recent divorce from their former sister city of Wick in Scotland.

“Residents called off their sister city relationship because they were disgusted with the sick perversion called the Grindadrap – the mass murder of pilot whales and other dolphin species.”

Watson said it’s time Broome also sever its ties to these bloody slaughters.

Broome has been sister cities with Taiji since 1981 and has drawn criticism from both public and conservationists alike.

In 2009, in response to public concern following the release of The Cove, a documentary containing footage of the dolphin slaughters, Broome suspended its sister city relations with Taiji. Shortly after, however, the council voted unanimously to reverse the decision, pledging to strengthen Broome’s friendship with Taiji.

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