Thailand: Chinese tourist claims jewellery ‘missing’ after hugging ladyboys
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Thailand: Chinese tourist claims jewellery ‘missing’ after hugging ladyboys

A CHINESE tourist got more than he bargained for on Wednesday morning after hugging ladyboys in Pattaya, a city known as the sex capital of Thailand.

Li Shengyu told police his THB150,000 (US$4,479) platinum necklace went missing after two transgender people stopped and embraced him in an apparent robbery.

The 36-year-old bank manager claims the transgenders approached him and his friends on a motorcycle and dropped a bottle of water on the road before “they hugged and touched him”, reported the Bangkok Post.

Local police have said they will check security camera footage to track down the suspects.

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Gay and transgender people in Thailand are known locally as kathoeys, who many Thais consider to be a third gender.

Internationally, Thailand is widely perceived as a haven of tolerance for the LGBT community. Local activists, however, argue gay and transgender people continue to face discrimination and are treated as second-class citizens.

Pattaya attracts more than a million tourists each year and is notorious for its sex trade, where there are estimated to be some 27,000 sex workers. Earlier in 2017, however, the Thai junta pledged to crackdown on prostitution there.

The apparent robbery of Li’s necklace is not the only incident involving Chinese tourists in Pattaya in recent days.

An 18-year-old female Chinese student was reportedly assaulted in the Thai city late on Sunday night and lost her bag which contained hundreds of dollars and her phone.