Thai students warned against working in Singapore’s entertainment outlets
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Thai students warned against working in Singapore’s entertainment outlets

THAI students who work as “singers” or “models” in Singapore’s entertainment outlets may be jailed or fined for doing so, according to the kingdom’s Labour Ministry.

Thai news site The Nation quoted the ministry’s Department of Employment (DOE) Director-General Waranon Pitiwan as saying that those who flout immigration laws in the island state could face a maximum SGD20,000 (US$14,400) fine or two years’ jail, or both if convicted.

Pitiwan said this after the ministry received information on several parties attempting to lure students into the line of work, promising high salaries of up to THB400,000 (roughly US$11,000) with round -trip flight tickets and accommodation.

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He also pointed out that it was illegal for those on tourist visas to work in Singapore. Singapore’s Labour ministry requires performing artists to obtain a work permit lasting up to six months and those with the valid document are protected by the city state’s Employment Act.

Those who overstay their visas meanwhile face a maximum six months in prison and three lashes of the cane.

Pitiwan said Thai students should not be so gullible and allow themselves to get convinced into working there illegally. He added that the public can obtain information about working abroad from the department.

Pitiwan’s warning comes as Singaporean authorities launch a major clean-up of vice-related activities there, resulting in the arrests of 99 women following a four-day operation.

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In the operation that ended on June 15, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department and six police land divisions conducted coordinated raids at multiple locations, including the island’s notorious red light districts.

However, the police did not mention the nationalities of the arrested women.

The Singaporean authorities said they were still investigating the issue and will continue clamping down on such activities.

“Anyone found assisting in vice activities will be dealt with severely,” the police said, as quoted by Channel News Asia.