4 things that make Fiji the ultimate holiday destination
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4 things that make Fiji the ultimate holiday destination

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“What makes Fiji exceptional isn’t any must-see sites or unforgettable experiences (though those are pretty thick on the ground): for me, it’s the people. Whether I’m visiting a village, dodging coconuts on the beach or walking through big cities…I always come away feeling like a member of a big family.” – Tamara Sheward, Lonely Planet

From coral-clad oceans to radiant sun, from calm white sand beaches to blissful retreats, outdoor adventure to moon-streaked romance – we all seek that something truly special when it’s time to get away.

But as the world becomes increasingly connected, it can sometimes feel as though it’s shrunk in size, making the premise of exploring the Earth not only feasible, but virtually effortless.

And with seven continents to discover and almost 200 countries, the world really is your oyster, thanks to the convenience of high-tech contemporary travel. But with so much wonder to observe and beauty to uncover, where will the next plane you board set down on solid ground?

If you’re planning the next unforgettable global getaway for your family, your significant other half, or heck, even for your lovely self, look no further than this stunning archipelago deep within the South Pacific.

It matters naught whether you’re old or young, a touring novice or well-travelled, nor whether you’re looking to feel refreshed or seeking inspiration; Fiji will captivate every alcove of your soul, leaving you hungry for things you never knew you needed before you lived on precious island time.

Sounds pretty tempting, huh? Well, you better get ready to catch the terminal travel bug – here are 4 things that make Fiji the ultimate holiday destination…

There’s blue and then there’s FIJI BLUE! Photo by @przepodroze.pl

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1. Limitless Adventure

As a dreamlike tropical plexus of 333 islands, there’s always something new to keep you busy in this paradise escape. With the shimmering scales of the coral reef catching your gaze at every turn, the buzz of vibrant open markets filling your heart with sweet intrigue, and the humming, creature-veiling forest floor serving as an explorer’s stomping ground, your Fijian break will be full of new experiences that enrich your very soul.

Keen to turn up the holiday heat? Here’s how…

Diving Fiji

Known as the Soft Coral capital of the world, Fiji offers some of the best open water diving spots for the sport, with the region’s underwater cosmos harbouring the likes of sea turtles, dolphins, eels, sea snakes, and a colourful splurge of tropical fish species to amaze your goggled eyes. Many resorts work alongside local PADI or SSI-certified dive shops, giving you the chance to sign up for a beginner, advanced or speciality dive course.

Rivers Fiji Whitewater Rafting

A white-water rafting venture in the island’s ‘Grand Canyon’ is an adrenaline-fuelled experience you’re unlikely to forget. Characterised by heart-stirring landscapes, crystalline waterfalls and towering ravines, your journey through the emerald-coated canopies of Fiji’s rainforests will instil in you a new perspective of the natural world.


As if this even needs an explanation…

… just do it. A view of the island from the skies is a guaranteed blow-your-mind sort of experience.

2. Uplifting culture

Having earned itself the title of the happiest nation on Earth, Fijian’s are nothing if not warm smiles and giant hearts. Hop between islands and soak up the charming customs of the locals, finding yourself in a constant state of marvel at the simple beauty of their way of life. And if you’re eager to tuck into Fijian tradition, there are a number of cultural pastimes you really cannot miss…


Where the Chinese and Japanese are known for drinking tea, the people of Fiji indulge in the ceremonial consumption of Kava; an alcoholic drink made by mixing water with the powdered root of the pepper plant. Fijian’s enjoy this treat on important social occasions – including accepting guests into the community – and is traditionally accompanied by a lively, celebratory atmosphere.


The Fijian Meke is one of the nation’s most popular dances, blending dance and story-telling through the medium of song. Both men and women perform the dance, where men display strong, virile movements and women display grace, beauty and femininity.

Fire Walking

This is where men walk barefoot across scorching hot stones, apparently without even burning their feet… impressive, right? But hey, don’t just take our word for it – go see it for yourself!

3. Perfect for families

Nature is the best playground #FijiNow

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Fiji and family go together like sun, sea and sand! The island’s unique combination of soothing hospitality, rippling ocean waves and beaming sunshine mean it has everything you need to build the family holiday you’ve so far only seen in dreams.

Kids Clubs

Most large island resorts – especially in Denarau, the Coral Coast and the Mamanucas – lay on all day kids clubs to keep children on their toes while Mum and Dad enjoy a well-earned beachside break.

Water Sports

Things like snorkelling, kayaking and paddle boarding are not only super fun, but also free of charge! Or you can hop on a speedy jet ski, or parasail the Fiji oceans blue for a more than reasonable price.

Environmental and Cultural Education

The majority of Fiji’s resort kids clubs teach them about some of the world’s most pressing issues in engaging and inspiring ways, promoting the value of environmental responsibility through activities like coral and clam painting, or building fish houses; while learning the importance of culture and diversity as they take to the stage to perform their own Fijian Meke dance.

4. Rife with Romance

Another glorious day in Fiji comes to an end beside the pool at @hiltonfijibeachresort

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But if you’re looking for a place that can also get those sunset passions steaming, it’s time to recognize that Fiji has some serious lovebird game. Nothing says romantic getaway like a lavish hilltop villa complete with private plunge pool and racy hot tub bubbles, while secluded picnics on the beach, cosy hammock hang outs, sensational sunrise skies and dinner under the stars ensure your soulmate’s heart remains with you in Fiji, until the end of time.

Now, without further ado, vainui vinaka e nomu volau. Let the adventure begin.


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