Malaysia: Metal giants Megadeth cave to Muslim pressure
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Malaysia: Metal giants Megadeth cave to Muslim pressure

LOS ANGELES heavy metal band Megadeth agreed to cut songs that were potentially “offensive” to Muslims after the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) Youth group voiced its objection to them touring the country.

Tweeting on Thursday before the band’s show, frontman Dave Mustaine responded to a fan informing him there would be no PAS Youth protest: “Thank you. If there is a song that offends Malaysians or their faith, please tell me. I wish to offend no one here. We cut songs for China.”

Megadeth, whose Malaysian promotion company for the Dystopia World Tour says is “credited with popularising [heavy metal],” were previously banned from playing in the country in 2001.

“Kuala Lumpur is somewhere I’ve always wanted to hit when we’ve been trekking through Asia,” said Mustaine in a recent interview.

“They’re going to let us bring our brand of metal music, it’s really rewarding.”


Source: Twitter

Yet the conservative PAS Youth spoke out against the band’s tour this week. Information chief Hishamuddin Abdul Karim issued a statement which read: “PAS Youth is questioning the authorities’ resolve in addressing this event, when they so clearly tout the Islamic entertainment guidelines.”

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The group however denied issuing a poster spread on social media, featuring newly-elected PAS Youth chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi calling for people to protest at Megadeth’s concert at Stadium Negara.

“I want to clearly state here that the posters are meant to discredit our leader and he is not involved with them in any way,” said Hishamuddin.

Some netizens responded to the controversy on Thursday afternoon, including one man who claimed it was a “political plot [by PAS] to make their name.”

It’s not the first censorship controversy in recent months, with Malaysian authorities recently delaying the release of Disney blockbuster Beauty and the Beast due to concern over an alleged “gay scene.”