India: World’s heaviest woman leaves hospital 300kgs lighter
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India: World’s heaviest woman leaves hospital 300kgs lighter

An Egyptian citizen believed to be the world’s heaviest woman left a hospital in India on Thursday, some 300 kilograms lighter than when she arrived.

Eman Ahmed weighed more than half a ton when she was operated on in Mumbai in March, but after a series of operations, dropped her weight to below 200kg. Eman has now reportedly arrived at the Burjeel Hospital the United Arab Emirates for a year of physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Flown from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi on Thursday by an EgyptAir cargo aircraft, Eman’s sister reports she is “very happy and relieved to have landed in Abu Dhabi and is looking forward to her stay.”

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Only in her mid-thirties, Eman suffers from a genetic condition and has not walked in 25 years. The woman’s Indian doctor Muffazal Lakdawala said “Her bone structure is poor … many years of disuse have compounded the problem. She will need multiple surgeries to straighten her hips and knees.”

The Hindustan Times reported that Eman suffered a stroke three years ago leaving the right side of her body paralysed. She continues to suffer from occasional seizures and is physically unable to speak properly or swallow liquids.

“We hope to see her walk someday, although we can’t determine the exact timeframe yet,” said Dr Lakdawala.

India attracts many medical tourists each year, with its hospitals offering quality care for significantly lower cost than in western countries.

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