China: Man kills 3 people with chopstick
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China: Man kills 3 people with chopstick

A MENTAL health facility in China has been closed for investigation into its standards after a patient killed three people with a chopstick.

A man identified as Yang attacked female fellow patients at the Da Zhong Hospital in Henan province, killing one woman at the scene whilst two died in the hospital later. He is reportedly schizophrenic and had escaped from restraints prior to the attack.

The hospital is “suspected of chaotic management” and has been closed while authorities look into what allowed the murders to take place, while two local health officials have been dismissed, China Daily reports.

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“The county’s public security authority has placed Yang under criminal coercive measures and a thorough investigation is ongoing,” said the government.

An anonymous source from the hospital told The Paper that “He looked potentially dangerous during a health check after he was admitted, so we treated him as a priority patient. We asked his relatives to look after him and assigned a member of our staff to regularly observe him.”

Yang refused to eat or take medication “and we had to fasten him to his bed with restraints,” said the source.

The hospital was supposed to do half-hourly checks on patients, however it appears lack of supervision allowed the attack to take place.

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