Australia: Crocodile found in suburban Sydney on Easter
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Australia: Crocodile found in suburban Sydney on Easter

EASTER for one Australian family was full of excitement after they found a baby crocodile sunbaking on a riverbank in southern Sydney.

The crocodile named Snap, stolen from a mobile zoo in March, was spotted by local man Aaron Hughes, his wife and young son when taking a leisurely stroll down the Georges River on Sunday.

After doing a “double take”, he proceeded to grab the “malnourished” reptile and “walked it to the house”, concerned for its welfare.

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“We’ve all seen Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, and we were well-versed in maybe coming up behind it and grabbing it as it wasn’t moving too quickly,” Hughes told ABC News.

“Crocodiles are a dangerous beast and can kill, although this one was only 80cm in length,” a police spokesman said.

Get Wild Animal Experiences, from whom the young Snap was stolen along with another named Crackle, expressed they were “beyond happy” and thanked Hughes and the police for its safe return.


An Easter message from Get Wild Animal Adventures. Source: Facebook

It’s not the first encounter Australians have had with crocodiles recently.

Last month, an intoxicated teenager jumped into a croc-infested river in Queensland trying to impress a British backpacker.

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Lee De Paauw, 18, told Sophie Paterson backpackers were more likely to be eaten by the prehistoric creatures, dived in to prove it and was almost immediately bitten by a crocodile.

It worked, because Paterson agreed to go on a date with him. “I think he’s very brave to be, you know, in such high spirits after what happened,” she said.

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