Lucrative equine industry offers rewarding careers
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Lucrative equine industry offers rewarding careers

There has never been a better time to turn your love of horses into a rewarding career in the rapidly expanding equine industry.

The China Horse Fair estimates there are now more than 400,000 amateur riders and 9 million horses in China and, coupled with a booming racing industry, the opportunities in that country alone are endless for trained equine specialists.

The University of Queensland (UQ) has recognised the growing global need for fully qualified equine scientists and has created a degree that combines scientific and practical aspects of the equine industry, plus related social and community issues.

According to the Asia Times, China’s passion for the horse racing industry has led to a ‘third wave’ of racetrack development, with the opening of several new professional tracks in the region. The Asian Racing Federation estimates that the racing sector will continue to grow by 20 percent, creating a huge demand for qualified equine trainers, nutritionists and more over the next few years.

Located in purpose-built facilities, a short drive from sunny Brisbane, Australia, UQ offers a specialist undergraduate degree in Equine Science – designed to give graduates all the skills they will need to work in the equine sector.

Industry ready


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The three-year full-time program gives hands-on experience in the nutrition, reproduction, exercise physiology, health and rehabilitation, welfare and behaviour of horses. Students work closely with horses on the campus undertaking everything from general care through to foaling.

UQ graduate Katherine Plomer said her UQ studies helped her gain her current job at Racing Queensland and start her own business.

“My UQ qualification has definitely helped me get where I am today,” she said.

“In order to deliver training and assessments with Racing Australia I am required to have studied to the same level or higher than the students. If I hadn’t attended UQ, I wouldn’t be qualified for this position.”

Katherine says the business skills she learnt as part of her degree, combined with the animal welfare and behavioural and handling subjects, has set her up well for the future.

“Studying at UQ has really helped me to grow my own business and allowed me to better educate my younger clients about caring for their horses,” she said.

“During my time out at UQ I not only developed a lot of professional relationships within the equine community, but I made a lot of genuine friends – many of whom are now also clients.”

World-class facilities, global careers

UQ’s AU$1.5 million Equine Precinct offers the most comprehensive horse-related facilities in Australia, including eight new crushes for reproductive, dental and performance horse testing; holding yards; teasing lanes; a mechanical horse walker;; reproductive laboratories for semen collection, evaluation and embryo transfer; and dressage and show-jumping arenas.


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UQ’s Bachelor of Equine Science covers management, performance and welfare of leisure and race horses to prepare graduates for employment within this lucrative industry. It can lead to a thriving career in equine enterprise management, racing bodies, equine healthcare companies, agribusiness firms servicing the equine industry, equine industry organisations and educational institutions, sales and marketing, an even equine journalism.

UQ is ranked in the top 50 universities worldwide and offers the opportunity to learn from the industry’s best to prepare graduates for a global career.

“I have always been passionate about horses and pursuing a career in the equine industry,” said Jazz Skinner, a Science Honours student who is studying Horse Nutrition at UQ’s Equine Precinct.

“UQ was the obvious choice for me with its fantastic facilities and lectures, and it has allowed me to further my interest in the science of Equine Nutrition.”

If a career in the equine industry is your dream, UQ can help you realise it. Visit UQ Future Students to discover more and apply for the Bachelor of Equine Science.

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