Former Filipino ‘death squad leader’ tells Duterte God’s judgment ‘is coming’
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Former Filipino ‘death squad leader’ tells Duterte God’s judgment ‘is coming’

THE retired senior policeman who claims to have led the so-called Davao Death Squad at the behest of then-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has warned the latter, who is now Philippine president, of God’s impending judgment.

According to ABS-CBN News, Arturo Lascanas, who was part of a senate inquiry in which he claimed to have killed 200 criminals under Duterte’s orders, told the president he faces eternal judgment.

“One thing I can say to the mayor or president: that there is a God, (and) that there is no ultimate solution to (the) killings,” he was quoted as saying (loosely translated).

“We will be answerable for it, maybe not with the laws of man, but I’m sure by (the) law of God.”

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Lascanas then added: “There is eternal judgment and it is coming.”

The retired officer admitted to killing 200 people by his own hand or while supervising operations of the death squad.

Testifying against the president in the senate on Monday, Lascanas said broadcaster Jun Pala and Fred Sotto – a former part-time commentator – were among those killed between 1989 to 2015.

Lascanas said he did not always shoot targeted people but also oversaw the operations.

He said he had killed 300 people – 200 while serving as the death squad member – and his last killing in 2015.

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He also detailed two cases where he claimed he murdered Duterte critics, under the instruction of the then-mayor’s bodyguard.

However, the senate hearing at which Lascanas was testifying on Monday was abruptly ended because senators feared Duterte’s “anger”, a senior senator claimed.

“The implication is that our president is a murderer. Senators do not want to face that because they do not know what to do as they might earn Duterte’s anger,” Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said.

The session ended when senators questioned Lascanas’ credibility and demanded proof after few fresh claims emerged during the testimony.

On Tuesday, Duterte issued another denial against Lascanas’ claims.

“They are all lies. Why should I respond to lies?” Duterte told reporters, as quoted by ABS-CBN News.