Bangkok ranked world’s second most congested city
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Bangkok ranked world’s second most congested city

PUNTERS at Bangkok’s International Motorshow this week may spend more time in traffic jams than enjoying driving their cars, suggests a new index.

According to the global index compiled by navigation company TomTom, Thailand’s capital has been ranked as having the worst traffic in the world, second only to Mexico City.

The TomTom Traffic Index is based on 19 trillion data points collected over nine years from 390 cities in 48 countries.

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Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, came in third place, while Chongqing in China was ranked fourth. In fact, Asian cities made up five of the top ten places for all cities, with Chengdu in China at number eight and Taiwan’s Tainan at tenth.


The area around Selamat Datang Monument, also referred to as the Bunderan HI roundabout, is pictured before Earth Hour in Jakarta, Indonesia March 25, 2017. Source: Reuters/Darren Whiteside

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Cities are given a percentage for Congestion, indicating the extra amount of travel time compared with a ‘Free Flow’ situation without traffic.

Bangkok was rated 61 percent, meaning commuters take 61 percent longer to reach their destination.

Meanwhile, Jakarta’s rating was 58 percent, significantly higher than Tainan and Beijing (46). Singapore and Kuala Lumpur had ratings of 34 percent.

The TomTom Traffic Index is now in its sixth year. Data collected for the index is based upon 730,000 hours of driving time during 2016.

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