S.Korea: President Park breaks month-long silence, says corruption allegations were “fabricated”
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S.Korea: President Park breaks month-long silence, says corruption allegations were “fabricated”

SOUTH Korea’s impeached president Park Geun-hye has emerged after a month of seclusion to deny her alleged role in a corruption scandal that led to her impeachment, saying the accusations against her were “fabrication and falsehood”.

Park also told local media on Sunday that she was “set up” over allegations that the government supported a merger between two affiliates of Samsung in 2015 under her orders. This deal was a central focus point in her investigation.

She was quoted saying: “It’s completely framed.” Park did not elaborate on her words.

In October 2016, Park became embroiled in political turmoil amid accusations that she had been heavily influenced by a close confidante, Choi Soon-sil with whom she allegedly shared state documents with and received advice from.

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She was impeached in early December after numerous protests and lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to remove her from her position in the government – making her the country’s first elected leader to be pushed from office with disgrace.

On Sunday, Park denied that Choi had been allowed to hold undue and wide-reaching influence over state affairs, reports Reuters.

Her meeting with local media is the first event she has held since her impeachment on December 9.

South Korea’s Constitutional Court judges have 180 days to decide on whether or not to follow through with the impeachment or to reinstate her position as president.

She also added during the meeting that the decision by South Korea’s national pension fund to support the Samsung Group merger was a “policy decision” made in national interest.

“I did not have an iota of thinking to help anyone and the thought never crossed my mind,” Park was quoted saying.

“This is not the place to tell you all the details, but what I can clearly say now is that I did nothing whatsoever to favour anyone or collude with anyone to do that.”