Indonesia: Sumatran tiger preys on 5 people, mauls one to death
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Indonesia: Sumatran tiger preys on 5 people, mauls one to death

INDONESIAN officials reported on Thursday that a man had been mauled to death by a Sumatran tiger in a brutal attack that left him with bite marks all over his body.

The South China Morning Post (via the AFP) quoted park official Afan Absori as saying that the man, who only goes by the name Sudir, was collecting palm leaves – which are used as roof for traditional homes – in the national park on Tuesday when the attack took place.

The group were on their way out of the Sembilang National Park on Sumatra island at night when a tiger pounced on the 25-year-old victim, leading him to let out a scream.

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“The group saw a tiger approaching Sudir and the other four immediately ran away to seek help from people who live nearby,” Absori said, as quoted by the AFP.

“But when they came back, the tiger had gone and had already mauled Sudir.”

Indonesia has seen several cases of tigers killing people in recent years due to rampant deforestation, with rapid expansion of palm oil plantations leading to the destruction of natural habitats, forcing wildlife into closer contact with humans.

The AFP also quoted local police spokesman Cahyo Budi Siswanto as confirming the death and saying the victim was left with bite marks on his neck, leg and buttocks.

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The park official said Sudir was pronounced dead at the scene and that the men had entered a restricted area when the attack happened.

Conservation group, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, says Sumatran tigers are considered critically endangered with 400 to 500 remaining in the wild.

Stretching down Sumatra’s east coast, the Sembilang National park is home to threatened or endangered wildlife that is endemic to Indonesia.