Indonesia issues warning after Citilink pilot appears inebriated in videos
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Indonesia issues warning after Citilink pilot appears inebriated in videos

AN airline in Indonesia has been slapped with a warning by Indonesian authorities after one of their pilots appeared to be intoxicated in a video and then making incoherent messages on the aircraft’s public address system.

Citilink Indonesia, which comes under national airline carrier Garuda Indonesia, confirmed that the pilot in question has been fired after the video emerged of him appearing drunk and staggering through Surabaya airport ahead of a flight to Jakarta.

According to Reuters, two Citilink executives offered to resign over the December 28 incident.

Citilink said in a statement that the unnamed pilot was fired after he “ignored the flight safety and security procedures which could potentially endanger the security and safety of passengers and other crew members”.

Fary Djemy Francis, head of a parliamentary commission that oversees transportation, said there has been a request for the airline to determine if the pilot was on drugs.

He added: “Second, we also ask Citilink’s management to sanction the pilot who went on board the aircraft without going through the briefing room, missing checks on his fitness to fly.”

A passenger, Anang Lukman Afandi, recorded the pilot’s incoherent announcements on board the aircraft and posted the video on YouTube:

The airline said in a statement that the pilot was replaced before takeoff.

Indonesia has a tumultuous flight record, and has been trying to improve safety in the airline sector after several accidents. The video has been shared widely online, and does not help the country’s efforts in this area.