Study online at Clarkson University
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Study online at Clarkson University

Set in the scenic foothills of the Adirondack Mountains is Clarkson University, a nationally-ranked university known to be on the cutting-edge of international research relevance. With more than 50 outstanding programs of study, plus a wealth of dynamic and inspiring learning environments, it’s hardly surprising that Clarkson is the choice institution of 4,300 enterprising students at the undergraduate and graduate level.

As a world-class university, Clarkson understands that new technologies, emerging fields and expanding career opportunities require brand-new approaches to learning, so students are granted a firm grounding in these crucial fundamentals. With a long-standing history for producing effective engineers, scientists, educators, health professionals, business people, and creative leaders, ‘Clarksonians’ are known for being the innovative movers and shakers of the complex modern world.

Top-ranked & Accredited Online Programs

To offer the best in flexibility and convenience, Clarkson provides a number of accredited online graduate programs, researched and delivered by the same industry-connected faculty who helped build the university’s distinguished reputation. A blend of learning methods keeps students engaged, while maintaining an unparalleled student experience and sustaining flexibility. Students are encouraged to collaborate with peers, and are also granted access to the same services and resources as other Clarkson graduate students.


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The Clarkson Online MBA

In 21-months or whatever suits your schedule, Clarkson can help you earn your globally-recognized Online MBA. Not only do students benefit from new-fangled business strategies they can apply to their current position, they also get the perks of learning in a classroom-like environment from the comfort of their homes. Named as a Top 50 Best Value Online MBA Program, Clarkson provides online business students with an invaluable insight to the ever-evolving business world.

Data Analytics, MS

In the midst of a technology revolution, data analytics have never been more crucial. Corporations, governments, start-ups, and businesses big and small require access to detailed information regarding current market trends, as well as competent individuals who can make sense of the numbers – or they run the risk of falling behind. As a Clarkson online student of Data Analytics, you can set the pace of your career and other personal goals. Over the course of a year, you’ll successfully complete 33 industry-relevant credits, resulting in a respected MS qualification in Data Analytics.


Power Engineering ME-EE

Clarkson’s Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in Power Engineering, allows students to mould their program of study to meet specific industry needs. With a total of 30 graduate credits, six electrical engineering courses with four being directly related to the field of power engineering, and 21-27 coursework credits, Clarkson’s online Power Engineering provisions are both industry-informed and comprehensive.

An exceptional opportunity to advance your career

By fostering an enriching, demanding, and boundary-spanning experience in an inclusive knowledge economy, Clarkson opens windows of opportunity on all four corners of the globe. Championed for promoting meaningful core values and resources that are technology-intensive, Clarkson produces leaders who defy conventions and help progress the world.

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