Japan Airlines: Boldly flying you into tomorrow’s fast-paced world
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Japan Airlines: Boldly flying you into tomorrow’s fast-paced world

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As the first Japanese airline to fly its wings around the globe, Japan Airlines (JAL) has built its tradition on rich technical knowledge and hospitality craftsmanship. Armed with the latest of in-flight comfort, and with outstanding services delivered by its dedicated crew, JAL continues to take daily challenges in its stride, catering to the connected, contemporary traveller in an increasingly demanding air travel market.

As a company that breaks boundaries and pioneers the sky, JAL is a proud believer and executor of sustainable efforts that satisfy the triple bottom line. Optimization of fresh technologies complements the company’s first-rate human service, forging brand-new standards for JAL’s jet-setting guests.

A keen eye for innovation and creativity, and commitment to maintaining a tradition of uncompromising standards and attention to detail, means JAL offers some of the best airline services in the world, a feat it continues to achieve even as competition grows. Having a truly unparalleled service quality, an unwavering emphasis on flight safety and an outward-facing stance to the world’s most pressing issues also means that JAL has redesigned 21st century travel in such a way it simply must be seen, or experienced, to be believed.

Challenging us to reach new sustainable heights

For many corporations large and small, making sure boardroom decisions strike the right balance between people and profit is in itself a tall enough order. Adding planet to the equation only stokes the fear of balance sheets bleeding red and profits nosediving. But through strategic foresight, years of hard work and ambitious undertakings, JAL has charted a green route to the future, one that promises the dreams of today can be realised tomorrow.

Actively serving initiatives to combat global warming

      • A fierce focus on the reduction of CO₂ emissions, largely achieved by lowering fuel consumption, means the company’s CO₂ emissions per revenue-ton-kilometer will fall 23 percent below the fiscal 2005 level by fiscal 2020.
      • The establishment of ‘Eco Flights’ has already helped achieve an annual CO₂ reduction of around 42,000 tons.

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Engaging in programs that seek to solve complex social and environmental issues

      • JAL is continuously raising awareness among today’s environmentally-conscious youth via unique, impactful strategies like the ‘Sky Eco Project’ to promote green business practices
      • Passionately participating in atmospheric observation, like the Siberian Forest Fire Project, which it has served since 2003.

Promoting a recycling-based society to preserve our diverse environment

      • With a final disposal rate of less than 2 percent for industrial waste from domestic worksites, JAL consistently promotes sustainable practice to help heal a wounded world.
      • A companywide annual reduction of 3 percent on water usage means JAL is doing all it can to preserve the Earth’s precious resources.

Giving due concern to the issues of biodiversity

      • In recognition of the indirect impact of air transport on matters of biodiversity, the company has established the JAL Group Biodiversity Policy, which it consults and, above all, adheres to for all business proceedings.
      • An impactful member of the United Nation’s Decade of Biodiversity Initiative, JAL is profoundly dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Japan and surrounding regions.

Going beyond expectations…


Image courtesy of Japan Airlines

“With gratitude in our hearts and never forgetting your support, every JAL Group staff will strive empathize with each customer to provide service that fulfils individual wants and needs,” says Yoshiharu Ueki, President of JAL.

“In addition for waiting for delivery of new aircraft, the Airbus A350 and the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), we will continuously think of new ways to improve customers’ comfort and convenience and boldly embrace new challenges.”

And by treasuring every moment spent with its guests, JAL pledges to put everything it has into providing the ultimate sustainable travel experience, specifically-designed to meet the needs of the sky-high wanderer.

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