Post-election detox: Cleanse the soul at these peaceful yoga retreats in Asia
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Post-election detox: Cleanse the soul at these peaceful yoga retreats in Asia

NEARLY all tourists, at some point or another, get caught up in visions of Asia as a sanctuary, a place to set themselves free, connect with their true soul.

One of the most popular ways to do that is through yoga, and there are plenty of resorts and studios happy to accommodate this need. If you’re serious about learning the fundamentals of yoga and clean living, at least for awhile, you could do a lot worse than holing up at one of these resorts or schools.

After all, not much beats stretching your limbs as the sun sets over the water. Here are some of the best yoga resorts and retreats in the region.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women, Bali


This one is just for the ladies – no hubbies or boyfriends, no kids. It’s a resort where the experience is tailored exclusively to women, as a means of allowing them to completely de-stress, relax, eat healthy and revel in the natural beauty of Bali.

Only a few guests are allowed at a time, and there are yoga classes that allow each of them to reconnect with themselves and deepen – or begin – their practices.

Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui


Long a popular tourist destination, Koh Samui is one of the more developed of the Thai islands, but there are still places you can find peace and quiet. One of these is Samahita Retreat, found on the southern part of the island.

You can choose from a number of retreat packages and programs, including ones specifically geared toward stress relief or women’s practice. Many classes are conducted in a space that faces the beach, allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous views while getting into the flow.

Paradise Resort & Spa, Koh Yao


If you’re weary that Samahita won’t be far enough from the touristy side of Koh Samui, Thailand’s Koh Yao also has a gem of a retreat. At Paradise Resort & Spa, you can opt for an entirely yoga-centric package, which is enjoyed along with the other comforts and perks of the resort.

When you’re not honing your practice, you can take in a treatment at the spa, or indulge in some of the resort’s excellent dining. And you won’t even have to feel guilty, since this place takes their healthy living principles right into the kitchen.

Ananda In The Himalayas, India


Admittedly, a stay of any length at this place is a splurge. But if you’re coming all the way to Asia to find yourself and get serious about your practice, it’s worth at least a brief one at Ananda In The Himalayas. In addition to regular yoga classes, there are detox programs, spa treatments and plenty of other activities, such as treks and cooking classes.

Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts, Sri Lanka


With two resorts in Beruwala, Barberyn Ayurveda will meet all your expectations for a proper retreat and getaway. In addition to yoga, they offer an opportunity to gain a genuine understanding of Ayurveda and how to incorporate their principles into your life well beyond your stay here.

***This article originally appeared on Travel Wire Asia