Philippines: Varsity students organise naked run to protest Marcos burial
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Philippines: Varsity students organise naked run to protest Marcos burial

MEMBERS of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Fraternity at the University of the Philippines (UP) plan to go in the buff for a protest today against the controversial heroes’ burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

According to ABS-CBN, the students organise naked runs called the Oblation Run annually at their Diliman campus and the activity is usually dedicated to a worthy cause.

This year’s gig, the report said, will be to protest Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, an emotive issue in the South East Asian country, especially to survivors of the dictator’s regime.

“In the span of nine days, the Duterte administration has put to waste the epic heroism of many thousands who suffered and died under Marcos the dictator by allowing his burial at the country’s field of heroes,” APO said in a statement, as quoted by ABS-CBN.

“We call on our government to truly serve the people, to protect the freedoms for which many have fought and died, and pay homage to these heroes by never forgetting the dark chapters of our history while moving boldly towards a more just future,” the statement added.

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The report added that the run begins at 12pm Friday at the Palma Hall Lobby.

It will be followed by an indignation rally against Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani at 1pm. At 4pm, the event turns into an anti-Marcos protest along with activists in Rizal Part.

Marcos’ remains were laid to rest last Friday at the Libingan ng mga Bayani or the heroes’ cemetery, despite widespread protests.

The process was carried out in a hushed manner, with reports about it only emerging that very day, angering victims of martial law under Marcos’ rule.

On the day of the burial, police chief Superintendent Oscar Albayalde confirmed that authorities had finalized the burial plans with the Marcos family on Thursday, and that the ceremony would be a simple one and not the equivalent of a state funeral.

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That same day, left-wing activist Bonifacio Ilagan, who was tortured and detained during Marcos’s time, protested the secretive funeral plans and says Marcos was being buried “like a thief in the night.”

Marcos had headed a dictatorship that became infamous for corruption and brutality, as well as extreme luxury on his and his family’s part.

His 21-year term, which started in 1965, saw the Philippine national debt grow exponentially from US$2 billion to nearly US$30 billion. He also placed the country under martial law.

He fled the Philippines after a revolution in 1986, died in exile in 1989 and his body has been preserved and on display in his family stronghold of Ilocos Norte in northwest Philippines since last year.