5 world-class MBAs for global business leaders
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5 world-class MBAs for global business leaders

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” – Napoleon Hill

A clear trend has emerged in the world of business education; the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reports that the number of global admissions to international business schools has been on a steady rise, with more students signing up every year.

According to OnlineMBA, this is a trend that’s likely to remain strong since obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is seen as the preferred way to kick-start a successful corporate career, or otherwise take an existing career forward, down a fresh and inspiring track.

Shawn O’Connor, a writer for Forbes online, cites a variety of factors as the force behind this rapid growth, from the state of the economy to a desire for heightened global perspective. “The increased applications primarily come from international students, but American applicants are also more frequently looking abroad when considering their options for a business education…”, the writer notes.


Image courtesy of Clarkson University

But America’s status as the world’s number one study abroad destination should not be overlooked – with more than 150 world-recognised institutions boasting some of the best infrastructure in the global education sector, it is no wonder that the U.S. attracts about one million international students every year.

One example is Clarkson University, which is ranked among the top 20 institutions in terms of best value for money. It provides a well-rounded study abroad experience that any MBA applicant can greatly benefit from.

“Success in a global marketplace requires a firsthand understanding of how different cultures do business,” Clarkson University states. “That’s why we require…business students to have an international experience, whether it’s a semester-long study abroad or a shorter faculty-led trip through the Global Business Program,” the institution adds. “MBA students can earn a Global MBA by spending a semester in China, France or Australia or choose from their own faculty-led trips to destinations on four different continents.”

There’s no denying that the modern business world has been dominated by the effects of internationalisation, a force that spreads so rapidly, it’s crucial for academia to adapt or risk their graduates being left behind – really far behind. This is exactly why institutions are doing MBA students a real favour by offering them a wealth of international experience – it is, after all, largely thanks to this that the next generation of global business leaders leave ready to excel in any boardroom.

Read on to learn about 5 world-class MBAs for global business leaders…



Image courtesy of Clarkson University

Clarkson University is a nationally-ranked, research-led higher education provider set in the state of New York. One facet through which Clarkson truly excels, feeding an ever-evolving industry with qualified professionals, is its outstanding business courses, specially-designed to meet the needs of a fast-paced and competitive field. Some of the university’s most respected, business-focused offerings lie in its postgraduate MBA portfolio:

  • One year residential MBA – This distinguished program starts in August, and allows cohorts to graduate in May – less than one year later. Even if you’ve never earned a business qualification, this program grants you an MBA in less than one year.
  • Online MBA – For a period of 2 years or whatever else works for you, Clarkson can provide options for you to earn your MBA on your schedule, and from wherever you are in the world, so you can even continue working.
  • Hybrid MBA – Specifically-tailored to suit the needs of the busy, working professional, the Clarkson Hybrid MBA can be moulded to your lifestyle, giving you the flexibility to advance your career without having to neglect your existing commitments. Read the full profile…


Set 137-miles southwest of Chicago and 164-miles northeast of St. Louis, the College of Business at Illinois State is perfectly positioned for students to make the most of America’s corporate assets.

Through the use of revolutionising technology, on top of a global mindset and a bold spirit of entrepreneurship, Illinois’ College of Business presents challenging and exciting opportunities if you’re preparing to succeed as an international business mogul.

The Illinois State MBA seeks to advance your academic and professional career, providing you a competitive package in terms of the quality of the program, reputation, flexibility, location, and cost.


Image courtesy of Illinois State University


The University of Melbourne boasts an outstanding reputation, with world rankings such as THE consistently placing it as Australia’s leading comprehensive and research-intensive universities. Melbourne Business School (MBS) is the University’s graduate school in business and economics. Founded in 1963, it stands as a leading provider of management education in the Asia Pacific region.

The institution provides an exceptional portfolio of MBA programmes, including the Master of Business Administration (part-time); the Master of Business Administration (full-time); the Executive Master of Business Administration; and the Senior Executive Master of Business Administration.

In a world that’s faster, more uncertain and more global, Melbourne Business School has graduate programmes that meet the needs of business professionals at critical stages of their careers.


Overlooking the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath, the School of Management at the University of Bath is set against the perfect backdrop to inspire any aspiring entrepreneur. As one of the UK’s leading business schools, ranked 1st for Marketing, 2nd for Accounting and Finance (The Complete University Guide) and 1st for Business Studies (The Times and Sunday Times University Guide 2016).

The Bath MBA is well-known for providing the breadth of skills and innovative thought processes needed to thrive on the international stage, which is why employers around the world are more than happy to employ the Bath MBA graduate.


Image courtesy of the University of Bath


The Lisbon MBA International Full Time is a one-year international programme offered by the Cátolica-Lisbon campus and the Nova SBE campus in Lisbon, Portugal, in partnership with the MIT Sloan School of Management campus in Boston USA. After graduating, students receive an MBA diploma from both schools and also have the opportunity to obtain an MSc degree in Business Administration.

The MBA is based on a boutique learning concept, which utilises small class sizes in order to maximise learning and build stronger relationships and networks. On top of that, learning and living in Portugal means that students will enjoy excellent food and cultural activities in a beachside setting.

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