Indonesia: Fuel leak, not terror plot likely cause of Bali boat tragedy
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Indonesia: Fuel leak, not terror plot likely cause of Bali boat tragedy

INDONESIAN police say there is no indication that a terror attack was the cause of a tourist boat explosion in Bali that killed two people.

Karangasem district police chief Sugeng Sudarso said Friday that investigators believe a fuel leak below deck caused a buildup of fumes that ignited, though the finding is provisional.

Sudarso said there was no indication of terrorism and the bomb squad did not find any explosive materials.

Bali police had earlier given conflicting accounts of the nationalities of the two women killed in Thursday’s explosion but now say one was from Austria and the other from Spain.

Sanglah Hospital gave the same information for the nationalities and said the Austrian woman was 28.

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During the incident, two people were killed and over 20 others injured following an explosion on a boat that was heading to Lombok.

According to Sugeng on Thursday, the “Gili Cat 2” fast boat had more than 40 people including crew on board.

He said the explosion occurred about 200 meters (220 yards) from the port of departure and was preceded by smoke billowing from the engine.

“The explosion happened five minutes after the boat departed,” Sugeng said.

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The passengers included foreign tourists from Australia, Britain, France, Netherlands and South Korea.

Police initially said that they were not discounting the discounting the possibility of ill intent or negligence in the incident.

Bali saw its deadliest terror attack in 2002, involving a nightclub bombing that killed over 200 people, mostly Australians, who throng to the island in droves. The attack was later found to have been perpetrated by local radical militants.

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Indonesian police last month said they were increasing security in Bali after it was discovered during interrogation that a terrorist nabbed earlier in the month may have been planning an attack on the island.

The man with alleged ties to the Islamic State terror network had been arrested on Aug 15 in connection with the suicide bomb attack at Surakarta police station in July.


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