India: Two killed, 25 injured during ongoing violent protests in Kashmir
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India: Two killed, 25 injured during ongoing violent protests in Kashmir

FIERCE clashes between protesters and government forces have left two people dead and at least 25 others injured as thousands demand freedom from Indian control in Kashmir, police have confirmed.

The Kashmir region has been on lockdown for 64 days in a row, as protesters and government authorities remain at loggerheads with one another over the death of a popular rebel leader on July 8.

A young man was killed Saturday when police and paramilitary soldiers tried to stop protesters from marching to a village in the Shopian district.

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A 25-year old man died from pellet injuries in a separate incident in the Anantnag district, following further clashes between police and protesters.


An AFP report, published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, says that at least 100 people have been injured.

A police officer was quoted as saying: “We have reports of more than 100 injured in today’s protests. Around 25 of them have bullet wounds.”

78 people have died so far since the riots began three months ago. The Indian government is experiencing growing pressure over its use of pellet guns and the number of casualties in the region.

A prolonged curfew, communication blackouts and a tightening crackdown have failed to stop some of the largest protests in Kashmir against Indian rule in recent years, triggered by a rebel commander’s killing in July.

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