Thailand: PM Prayuth orders tighter security after 8 bombs kill 4, injure dozens
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Thailand: PM Prayuth orders tighter security after 8 bombs kill 4, injure dozens

SECURITY in Thailand has been stepped up after Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha directed authorities in the kingdom to be more vigilant following the spate of bomb blasts in four provinces since Thursday night.

According to AFP, authorities said at least four people have been killed in eight bomb blasts that have hit Thailand in the past 24 hours. The bombs exploded in the popular resort towns of Hua Hin, Phuket and parts in the southern provinces.

Prayuth ordered increased security in city areas, tourist destinations, and landmarks following the attacks.

“The PM has issued emergency orders to the relevant agencies in the areas to prevent other bombing incidents from happening again, increase the security in the crowd areas, and appoint those responsible to handle the situation on the emergency event,” Government Spokesman Maj-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd was quoted as saying in The Nation.

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So far, no party has claimed responsibility for the string of the attacks and Sansern said the authorities had yet to identify the suspects or masterminds involved. However, he assured that the perpetrators of the bombings would be brought to justice.

Sansern said Prayuth was keeping abreast with the developments of the attacks and had expressed concern for all the blast victims. The Foreign Ministry, he said, has also been tasked with providing care for the tourists.

One woman was killed when two bombs exploded in Hua Hin late Thursday, which also left 20 others, including nine foreign tourists, injured.

Two more blasts in the town killed another person on Friday morning.

It is not yet clear who was behind the attacks, but the timing suggests it may be an effort to embarrass the military government that took power two years ago.

Channel News Asia reported another two explosions in Phuket on Friday, while two more bombs were reported in the southern provinces of Trang and Surat Thani, in each of which one person was killed.

Prayuth called for calm amid the attacks and also said he did not know who was behind them.

“Why have the bombs occurred as our country is heading towards stability, a better economy and tourism – and who did it? You have to find out,” Prayuth was quoted as saying.

Additional reporting from The Associated Press