Thailand: Authorities release list of victims of twin Hua Hin bombings
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Thailand: Authorities release list of victims of twin Hua Hin bombings

AT least one person died and 20 others were injured after a popular resort town in Thailand was struck by two small bombs which exploded at the seaside tourist hot spot of Hua Hin.

Local reports late Thursday night on the websites of Thai Rath newspaper and other media said the bombs were hidden in planters on a busy street with open-front bars. The victims include Thais and foreign tourists, whose nationalities were not immediately known, according to the reports.

The reported fatality was a female street food vendor.

It was not clear who was behind the attack, but the timing suggested it might be an effort to embarrass the military government that took power two years ago.

Hua Hin is about 200 kilometers (120 miles) south of Bangkok.

The reports said a Thai woman was the sole fatality in the second bomb explosion near Raintree beer bar at Yak Selakram in the Prachuap Khirikhan district at about 11.10pm.

According to Thai PBS, the first bomb went off 50 meters away about an hour earlier, but did not injure anyone.

Hua Hin chief district officer Suthipong Klai-udom was quoted as saying that the bomb, which was hidden in a plant pot, was remotely detonated by mobile phone.

The explosions led to the closure of entertainment outlets in the vicinity.

According to local news site The Nation, Hua Hin authorities released a list of ten foreign tourists who were injured in the double bomb attacks.

Three who were rushed to hospitals in Hua Hin were identified as Dutch nationals Vriesema Michelle, and Josephine Elsabeth, who were sent to Hua Hin Hospital, while another Dutchman, identified as M. Yanzwam, was sent to Bangkok Hua Hin Hospital.

The list of names who were sent to the San Paolo Hua Hin Hospital were: Hannah Sandra Liane Sopio, 17; Lorenzo Minoti, 21; Luisa Annett Anna Schiffmann, 19; Erica Vogel, 48; Addrea Tarrioli, 41; Sonata Bneno, 16; and Rebecca Hollauf, 20.

It is understood that the majority of the victims comprised British and German nationalities.

Additional reporting from The Associated Press