Mysterious disease kills 30 children in Burma
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Mysterious disease kills 30 children in Burma

AT least 30 children have died in Myanmar’s northwest Naga region since mid-June from an unknown disease that causes breathing difficulty, an official said.

Kay Sai, a local administrator in the area, says the central government has not sent any help since the outbreak of the disease two months ago.

He says the deaths have been recorded in Nanyun and Lahe towns in the Naga region, one of the poorest in the country.

He says most of the victims have been younger than 5.

Kay Sai said Thursday that officials have not been able to identify the disease, which appears to be contagious.

He said local authorities have temporarily banned people from traveling around to prevent contagion.

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Signs of the illness emerged in early June, many villagers showing symptoms of sore eyes, coughing and diarrhea, the Democratic Voice of Burma reported

A month later, the situation worsened and was compounded by a period of heavy rain that destroyed crops, local roads and bridges.

According to a statement from the Lahe Township Health Department, medical personnel from Lahe, a main town in the area, were only able to reach the village to provide assistance on July 24. The statement added that 162 people fully recovered from their illnesses following treatment.

The Naga Self-Administered Zone, according to DVB, was created in 2010 in accordance with Burma’s 2008 constitution. The region is made up of three townships in a remote corner of northern Burma bordering India.

The two side of the border share a long history of insurgency, the report said.

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