Woman dies in tiger attack at drive-through safari park in China (VIDEO)
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Woman dies in tiger attack at drive-through safari park in China (VIDEO)

A HORRIFIC tiger attack has been captured on surveillance video at a safari park in northern China. The fatal attack occurred on Saturday at Badaling Wildlife World outside of Beijing when a woman exited her car and was dragged away by one of the park’s Siberian tigers. While the woman survived, her mother died while trying to rescue her.

Badaling Wildlife World is particularly dangerous because visitors are not only able to drive their own vehicles through the tiger enclosure, but can apparently leave their cars even when close to the animals.

Director of National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative, Luke Dollar, says that captive big cats are generally more dangerous than those in the wild, who have developed a healthy fear of humans. By contrast, tigers that live in captivity are more familiar with people and less fearful, making close contact more dangerous in animal parks when compared with proper safaris.

From National Geographic:

Lack of awareness and lack of respect for wild animals can sometimes be very expensive, and unfortunately it cost a woman her life.

–Luke Dollar, conservation biologist

Previous incidents at the same facility include two people who were killed by tigers: a security guard in 2014 and a trespasser in 2009.

While the amount of wild tigers remaining in China numbers under 20, there are thousands living in zoos, animal parks and even in so-called legal tiger farms, where the endangered animals are bred and their body parts sold for decoration and traditional “medicine”.

Although tiger breeders often claim that they are helping to conserve the species as wild numbers dwindle, experts argue that breeding tigers does little if anything to benefit the species. On the contrary, many breeding facilities, like the aforementioned tiger farms, actually contribute to the illegal trade in tiger parts.

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