Thailand: 8-year-old girls charged for tearing voter list because they liked ‘pink paper’
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Thailand: 8-year-old girls charged for tearing voter list because they liked ‘pink paper’

TWO 8-year-old girls have been charged for vandalism after tearing a voter registration list off a wall because they liked the pink paper it was printed on.

Police told local media on Friday they had advised election officials in the central province of Kamphaeng Phet to press charges against the girls, who tore the paper off a board in Vachirasansuksa School.

The school was designated as a polling station for the referendum on August 7, where the Thai people will vote on the draft constitution.

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According to Khaosod English, provincial police chief Maj. Gen. Damrong Phetphong decided to charge the girls with vandalism after receiving complaints from the local election commissioner that they had destroyed commission property.

He was quoted saying: “There is no such thing as excessive enforcement of the law. The law has different punishments for adults, children, and drunk people. We follow regulations. The judge will be the one who decides.”

The two girls admitted to tearing the voter list after they were brought into the police station on Tuesday, saying they simply wanted to have the pretty pink paper the list was printed on.

Damrong said the girls, who now have a criminal record, would be further questioned to determine if they had any criminal intent.

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He added that they would not be submitted to the prosecutor if police find they had no malicious intent, nor paid to tear the paper down.

Suraphong Thanasangnuchit, the local elections chief, said he was concerned he would be accused of complacency if he did not file a criminal complaint against the young girls.

The incident was first reported to the police chief of a local station, Itthi Chamnanmor, who released the girls after concluding the case was not serious. However, he has been reportedly demoted to an inactive post as punishment for not reporting the case to Damrong.