Thai PM says no to death sentence for fatal rape cases
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Thai PM says no to death sentence for fatal rape cases

THAILAND’S Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has refused to bow to pressure to impose capital punishment for fatal rape cases.

The junta leader’s stance comes following public uproar over the rape-murder of a female teacher in Saraburi last Friday.

According to The Bangkok Post, a 27-year-old man was detained for allegedly raping and slashing the throat of Chularat Towanna.

The Saeng Witthata School teacher was found murdered in her room on Sut Banthat Road in the Khor district of Saraburi. She was the suspect’s neighbor.

“Please look at what other countries do,” Prayuth said, calling for calm amid the outrage over the incident.

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He said many countries have repealed the death sentence, adding that severe penalties did not deter rapes.

Prayuth also urged the public and the media to help the government in pressuring potential criminals to prevent heinous crimes.

According to Khaosod English, the suspect confessed to the sexual assault and the murder of the teacher.

He made the confession after being arrested in Saraburi and brought to the capital.

The suspect, identified as Chatree Ruamsungnoen, said during a police news conference that he broke into the unlocked room of Chularat on Friday night while the victim was asleep because he wanted to rape and rob her.

“She woke up before I did anything, so I turned around and found a knife on a shelf,” the cement factory worker was quoted saying.