Flyers threatening bomb attacks targeting Singaporeans and Malaysians surface in Indonesia
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Flyers threatening bomb attacks targeting Singaporeans and Malaysians surface in Indonesia

FLYERS and letters warning of bomb attacks have reportedly surfaced in the Riau archipelago, targeting travelers from Singapore, and Johor in southern Malaysia.

According to Indonesian news website, Batam Today, the flyers claim that the attacks would take place at the Batam Center Ferry Terminal and Nagoya on the island of Batam, as well as in Bintan Telani and Tanjung Pinang, on Bintan island.

Kristian Siaigian, district police chief of Tanjau Pinang, confirmed the presence of the flyers, and said investigations are ongoing.

He said: “In the aftermath of the bomb attack on the police headquarters in Solo, we have increased security measures in Tanjung Pinang, especially around vital targets such as police headquarters and ferry terminals.”

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The Singaporean consulate in Batam issued a warning notice to Singaporean travelers due to the recent spate of terrorist attacks on civilian targets in multiple places, particularly in public areas and international airports.

In the wake of an explosion at a nightclub in Kuala Lumpur, the U.S. embassy in Malaysia has also issued a security message for U.S. citizens living in or traveling to the country, after local authorities confirmed the incident was linked to the Islamic Sate (IS).

The security warning, issued on Wednesday, advised U.S. citizens to exercise “caution and awareness of personal security”. It also pointed out that terrorist organizations have planned attacks to coincide with significant dates in the past.

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“U.S. citizens should remain vigilant at all times while traveling; U.S. citizens overseas may be targeted by extremist groups regardless of the country they are in,” the notice read.

It also advised people to monitor local news stations and media for updates, and to follow local authorities’ instructions.