Thailand: Second snake creeps up toilet in two weeks, this time a cobra
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Thailand: Second snake creeps up toilet in two weeks, this time a cobra

ANOTHER dangerous snake has appeared in a toilet in Thailand, less than two weeks after a 3.5 meter python bit a man’s penis while he was on the latrine.

However, this time, it was a venomous one-meter cobra that was caught by rescuers inside the bathroom of a house in Pathum Thani’s Klong Luang district Saturday night.

According to Thai PBS, rescue workers from the Po Teck Toeng Foundation received a distress call from 27-year-old Mr Polapat Laokamnerdpetch, who had sighted the snake at about 10.40pm.

After arriving at the scene, the rescuers found that the cobra had disappeared back into the toilet.

In order to draw the cobra out, the rescuers poured insecticide into the toilet bowl. The reptile emerged half an hour later and was caught before being bagged.

The cobra was sent to a snake farm at the Thai Red Cross office.

The snake was apparently able to creep up into the toilet because there was no mesh screen installed to block it from coming in through the sewage tube.

Polapat was quoted by the media as saying that it was the third time he had seen a snake in the toilet. After the sightings, he said he would avoid using that bathroom whenever he could.

On Saturday, he said he went into the bathroom and saw the snake peering out from the toilet, prompting him to make a distress call.


The snake was later sent to a farm. Image via Thai PBS

Last week, a 38-year-old man made international headlines after a python slithered unexpectedly from the depths of a toilet and bit his penis while he was answering the call of nature in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province. The incident was described by many news outlets as a “man’s worst nightmare”.

The man, identified as Atthaporn Boonmarkchuai, 38, said he had been squatting in the bathroom for five minutes when the snake appeared. Happily, Atthaporn was able to make a full recovery in hospital.

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