Thai durian-flavored condoms coming to Asian shelves
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Thai durian-flavored condoms coming to Asian shelves

KNOWN for its strong and pungent smell, the durian has been described as the king of fruits. Now, a company in Thailand is capitalizing on its popularity by producing durian-flavored condoms.

The Bangkok-based manufacturer is making the condoms to cater to the Asian market, according to the China Press (via The Star).

According to the Chinese-language paper, a spokesman said production of the condom has begun. The latex barrier device, he said, is expected to be a hit among Asians.

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The company, which currently produces two billion condoms annually, is expected to double its output to 5 billion when it opens a new factory.

However, the Thai manufacturer is not the first in the region to come up with the distinctive flavor. Karex Bhd, Malaysia’s leading condom manufacturer, had in 2013 pumped RM4 million (USD$977,040) into doing the same.

According to the Malay Mail, Karex has also turned to colorful packaging and exotic flavors — durian and Pina Colada, among others — to appeal to buyers.

Other “innovations”, according to the paper, include textured and unusually shaped to condoms to help introduce variety inside the bedroom.