Hail the ‘size of walnuts’ batters Beijing, causes flash floods
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Hail the ‘size of walnuts’ batters Beijing, causes flash floods

PEOPLE in Beijing witnessed a rare sight on Friday afternoon as heavy rain and hail, some “the size of walnuts”, battered the city, causing streets to flood in a matter of minutes.

Beijing citizens posted extraordinary pictures and videos of the rare weather phenomenon on Twitter, many saying it was a shocking occurrence.

According to state-run newspaper People’s Daily, a yellow weather alert has been issued in some parts of the city due to the torrential weather.

After the hailstorm passed, the streets of Beijing became flooded, with the water rising to knee-level in some parts.


While hailstorms are rare in Beijing, flooding is not. The last flood was caused by three hours of rain on August 7, which submerged many roads and brought traffic to a standstill. Floods frequently strike other cities in China as well, sometimes becoming deadly.

According to the Economist, this common problem occurs due to a drainage infrastructure that cannot keep up with the rate at which Chinese cities are expanding.

In 2013, thousands took part in an anti-government protest following catastrophic flooding in the city of Yuyao, in the Zhejiang province.