Philippine man charged with high-profile identity thefts
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Philippine man charged with high-profile identity thefts

A PHILIPPINE national was charged by American prosecutors with stealing the identities of high-profile victims, including a former FBI director, in order to make off with their money.

Yesterday, federal prosecutors in New Jersey announced charges against 35-year-old Peter Locsin, of Palisay City in the Philippines.

One of the victims was described as a “well-known socialite and entertainer” and another as a “former high-ranking U.S. government official,” but prosecutors declined to reveal their identities.

But according to The Philippine Star, one of the alleged victims is none other than former FBI director Robert Mueller.

Locsin was arrested on unrelated charges last month in the Philippines, where he remains in custody.

According to, prosecutors claimed Locsin and his accomplices acquired the victims’ sensitive personal information – including dates of birth, Social Security numbers, address and work history – and accessed their bank accounts. The indictment alleged that Locsin used the compromised accounts to do a number of things, including make wire transfers, order merchandise, and order emergency replacement cards.

Prosecutors said it wasn’t known if Locsin had an attorney to comment on his behalf. He faces up to 30 years in prison. US authorities said they had yet to make a request for his extradition.

Additional reporting by the Associated Press