Singapore: Indonesian maid jailed for feeding ‘urine’ mixed into milk to employer’s child
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Singapore: Indonesian maid jailed for feeding ‘urine’ mixed into milk to employer’s child

A SINGAPOREAN mother was in for a nasty shock after finding out her Indonesian maid fed her four-year-old son with milk mixed with urine, as well as leaving a flask of water with urine in it for her and her husband to drink.

The 27-year-old maid, who goes by the name of Ela, pleaded guilty to one of two charges of mischief on Monday. She has been sentenced to six weeks in jail.

The court heard that the offence took place last October, when she had been employed for just a month by the boy’s father, reports the Straits Times.

According to the report, the boy’s mother said that some water she had just poured from a flask to drink was yellowish and tasted off. She showed it to her husband, who agreed and decided to see if the water would be any different the next day.

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The next day, he found that the liquid smelt acrid. Ela said nothing had happened to the water when asked, but was found washing out the flask, which she took from her employer’s bedroom, the day after.

After being taken to the agency she was employed from, Ela admitted she had collected her urine and mixed it into a bottle of milk and gave it to her employer’s son to drink.

The prosecutor told the court she that Ela was angry at the mother for reprimanding her, so she wished to make the family “listen and be obedient to her”.

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She pleaded guilty to one count of mixing urine into the child’s milk, but not to the count of mixing urine into the drinking water in the flask, reports Channel News Asia.

Stories of Indonesian domestic workers mixing bodily fluids into their employer’s food or drink are relatively common, as it is a colloquial belief that such “witchcraft” could exert their own “power” over their employers.

In 2012, an Indonesian maid was jailed for a month for adding her menstrual blood to her employer’s coffee. Jumiah, 24, did so after being told that it would make a person be “nicer” to her.