Debris found on Australian island is not from missing flight MH370 – officials
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Debris found on Australian island is not from missing flight MH370 – officials

DEBRIS found on an Australian island earlier this month is not from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, investigators said Wednesday.

The object found on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island was examined at Australian Transport Safety Bureau laboratories in Canberra, which found it was not from a Boeing commercial aircraft.


A still from video footage of the debris found on Australia’s Kangaroo Island. Image via YouTube.

The bureau, which is running a search for the plane in the southern Indian Ocean on Malaysia’s behalf, said Wednesday it had been advised by Boeing, the maker of the missing plane, that it was “not consistent with the manufacturing specifications of a Boeing commercial aircraft.”

There was no word on where the debris came from.

The disappearance of flight MH370 remains one of history’s greatest aviation mysteries when it vanished with 239 people aboard on March 8, 2014, after flying off course during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Authorities believe the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

Debris that authorities say is most likely from MH370 has been found on the shorelines of South Africa, Mozambique, and Rodrigues and Reunion islands in the past year.

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U.S. lawyer Blaine Gibson, who is carrying out his own investigation into what happened to the vanished aircraft and who previously found debris in Mozambique, has said he has also discovered more objects in Madagascar, including personal items such as hand luggage.

There is still no confirmation whether a joint search of the South Indian Ocean funded by Australia, Malaysia and China will be extended, having found no evidence of the plane so far.

A decision on whether the search will be extended has been postponed until after the Australian election in July.