Thailand: Python bites man’s penis while he was on the toilet seat
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Thailand: Python bites man’s penis while he was on the toilet seat

A MAN received a terrifying surprise in the bathroom when a python slithered unexpectedly from the depths of a toilet and bit his penis while he was answering the call of nature in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province.

The incident happened at 6.30am, just after he woke up to perform his usual bowel movement in the morning, Coconuts Bangkok reported.

The man, identified as Atthaporn Boonmarkchuai, 38, said he had been squatting in the bathroom for five minutes when the snake appeared and made for his most sensitive appendage.

Atthaporn said the python, which measured an estimated 3.5 meters, suddenly popped up between his legs and sunk its fangs into the tip of his genitals.

According to Thai PBS, the man said he had to “battle” with the large snake to save his genitals. He shouted for his wife, who called their neighbors in to help free him from the snake’s grip.

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Atthaporn lost a lot of blood due to the bite and feared that he risked losing his penis as well as the pain was excruciating. After freeing himself from the snake, the couple had tied up the snake’s head with a nylon rope.

He was then rushed to the Chularat Hospital in Chachoengsao for treatment and his condition has reportedly improved.

However, a doctor told members of the media he would be admitted to the hospital for several days to stay under observation over concerns the wounds could become infected.

Rescuers had to smash through the toilet seat to capture the snake.


Rescuers broke through the bloodied toilet seat to capture the 3.5 meter python. Image via Thai PBS

Taksa Wesaratchapong, a veterinarian at the Thai Red Cross, urged the public to ensure the tidiness of their households and make sure homes are rodent-free to prevent future snake encounters and attacks.

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