Thailand launches manhunt after fatal drugging, rape of 8-year-old girl
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Thailand launches manhunt after fatal drugging, rape of 8-year-old girl

POLICE in Thailand on Thursday launched a manhunt for a man who is suspected of drugging and raping an 8-year-old girl, who died after the attack.

The rape of the child had happened in Trang province on Tuesday.

According to The Bangkok Post, the Bang Nong Trud station investigation chief Major Charnnarong Klonsom said the mother told police today that the girl had been raped by her 20-year-old neighbor.

Her daughter, he said, had died shortly after being sent to Trang hospital after showing symptoms of delirium and confusion.

Detailing the incident, the 31-year-old mother said the suspect had come to her house in the early hours of Tuesday while she and her husband were at work in a rubber plantation.

Their three children, an 11-year-old son, the victim and her four-year-old sister were home alone at the time of the incident.

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The mother said the suspect had entered her daughter’s room on Tuesday and raped the girl. When she came back home at 6am, the daughter appeared to suffer from stomach pains.

Assuming that the girl had been struck by black magic, the mother took her to a fortune teller. However, the girl did not show signs of improvement.

At the Trang hospital where she was later taken, the girl had a gastric lavage. Under observation, doctors found that she had been raped.

Regaining consciousness, the girl managed to tell the mother about the neighbor, who had given her a soft drink which may have been laced with drugs the afternoon before.

The suspect, the mother said, was a known friend to the husband who lived about half a kilometer away from their house.

Doctors also found traces of methamphetamine in the soft drink given to the girl.

At press time, the girl’s body was sent to the Songklanagarind Hospital for a full autopsy.

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