Thailand: Loyal husky sacrifices own life defending owner, home from cobra
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Thailand: Loyal husky sacrifices own life defending owner, home from cobra

IN a fight to the death, a Siberian husky in Thailand became the latest to prove that dogs are man’s best friend when it paid the ultimate price defending its owner from a highly venomous snake.

The wounds sustained by what appeared to be a king cobra revealed a violent skirmish between the reptile and the canine, which succeeded in preventing the snake from causing potential harm against the owner.

According to Thairath, the Husky, named “Taiki” was found lying dead outside its home in the Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi. The property was used as a puppy rearing facility and veterinarian clinic.

The dead husky was found next to the carcass of the cobra which measured some 1.8 metres long. The remains of the snake was found with plenty of bite wounds inflicted by the dog.

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Reporters who visited the scene described the aftermath of the battle as a poignant one, with the husky’s friends, eight Chihuahuas, three Shih Tzu and two Pomeranians, peering over the fallen dog morosely.

The Husky’s owner, Karit Panyaphat, believed the cobra was on the hunt for mice in the compound when it had the deadly encounter with Taiki.

Karit found the dog lying motionless next to the snake after taking out some puppies for a walk. A neighbor also reported hearing commotion from inside the house while the owner was out.

Huskies have been described as intelligent and friendly canines. They are also generally known to be outgoing and gentle, apart from being alert.

The king cobra, on the other hand, would only attack larger animals or humans if it felt threatened, and is capable of injecting potent neurotoxic venom that is deadly to both.