China: Shanghai Disneyland already ‘trashed’ one month before opening
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China: Shanghai Disneyland already ‘trashed’ one month before opening

THOUSANDS of tourists and revelers in China flocked to the unopened Disneytown complex at the Shanghai Disney Resort to catch a glimpse of the new theme park, but the visit to the Magic Kingdom became a nightmare for some due to the misbehavior of others.

Photographs of ‘poor behavior’ was shared widely on social media, drawing criticism from netizens.

The ‘preview’ of the park was in line with the opening day of Line 11’s Disney Resort station. Although the park only opens its gates next month, a number of badly behaved tourists were already seen wreaking havoc outside the venue, with some defacing lampposts, trampling on flowers, and excreting in the compound.

The Shanghai Daily reported 8,000 commuters had arrived at the station by 5pm on Monday to visit the resort’s shopping, dining and entertainment district, which is open to the public free of charge.

The paper reported Disney staff welcoming visitors on arrival, taking photos for them and guiding them through the various unopened shops and restaurants.

Visitors were also treated to a stroll through Wishing Star Park and Lake at the station’s No. 1 exit, which provides the quickest access to the resort.

However, lifestyle news site Shanghaiist highlighted the social media buzz on Weibo with pictures demonstrating examples of “uncivilized behavior” that has tainted the reputation of Chinese tourists at home and abroad.

According to the site, Disneyland’s meticulous gardening bore the brunt of the bad behavior, after being trampled, trashed, and excreted on.


(Left) A child appears to be excreting on a curb at the theme park. (Right) Revelers are seen picnicking on grass which was later littered with garbage. Image via Weibo.


Garbage left behind at the theme park’s garden. Image via Weibo.


A lamppost that was vandalized on Monday. Image via Weibo.


A ruined bed of flowers after visitors trampled on them. Image via Weibo.

The Disneyland in Shanghai is expected to open on June 16.


Shanghai Disneyland. Image via Twitter.