Malaysia: Muslim singles to join largest ‘Halal’ speed-dating event in the country
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Malaysia: Muslim singles to join largest ‘Halal’ speed-dating event in the country

MALAYSIA is set to play host to one of the largest “Sharia-compliant” speed-dating events ever held in the country tomorrow with about 144 candidates lined up to search for their love matches.

The organizer of the event, Halal Speed Dating, has described it as the “anti-Tinder”, which seeks to help couples work towards marriage instead of having casual hookups.

Unlike similar events organized previously, its co-founder Munirah Tunai said participation will almost double this time around. The series of events, she said, have shown promising results as some couples who met there were already tying the knot.

“One couple is set to get married this weekend, and two more have gotten engaged. So that’s three couples,” she was quoted saying on the Malay Mail Online.

“We have never done it at this scale. Our past events were very small, but for this Saturday, we are looking at a bigger participation.”

Halal speed dating is aimed at providing a religiously-sanctioned avenue for Muslims to find potential spouses that was free from the perception of immorality or illicit relations.

Similar to conventional speed dating, participants would be shifting from table to table after spending a set amount of time talking to prospective partners.

In halal speed dating, however, female participants are chaperoned by either their parents or guardians who would oversee the interactions and conversations of the participants.

Despite the appeal among young and single Muslims to engage in courtship the “appropriate way”, Munirah said the event faced a problem: the number of female participants outnumbered the males.

This imbalance has prompted the organizers to provide sponsored tickets for men, but they are limited.

“But they would still need to register online first, and then we will pick the suitable candidates for the event,” she said.

The pricing for participation was priced between RM80 (US$20) and RM 120 (US$30) depending on when a participant had made a booking.

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